Joliet Junior College – Events Center

CCS provided Cost management services directly to Joliet Junior College. The project consists of  the construction of a new multipurpose facility on the main campus and expansion of the Romeoville campus, as per the 2013 update to the College’s Master Plan.

Multipurpose Center – Joliet Campus
The new 84,270 SF facility will be built on the south side of JCC’s main campus and will house space for athletics and physical education, as well as a conference center and corporate training space.  The Center will feature a gymnasium, running track and fitness area.

Romeoville Campus Expansion
With enrollment expected to grow over the next 5-10 years, JCC is expanding its Romeoville campus to create additional space for academic programs and student development services.  Additions to the front and back of the existing facility and renovation of the dining room and kitchen are planned, involving approximately 50,730 SF.