Spring Has Finally Sprung and Confidence is Overcoming Uncertainty


Over the past year, during the pandemic, we have all faced reinventing ourselves, businesses, industries, and protocols. New focus has been given to imagination and process rather than just desired outcomes.

During the Chicago Bulls’ thrilling run on winning (6) NBA Championships, Michael Jordan stated, “TOTAL CONFIDENCE WINS!” That said, when things just haven’t seemed right, many of us have felt or been dealt with feelings of uncertainty; and ultimately, our confidence has been unsettled or damaged.

As the title of the article states, Spring has Finally Sprung and as The Dictionary defines Springtime as “the early stage of flourishing new developments; a season of new beginnings,” So too is the beginning of our changing World and Global Industry.  Owners are progressing projects yet still emerged in getting their businesses back in order, and many need Owner Representation over Project Management.

CCS Owner Representatives are tasked with monitoring — not managing, which is the project manager’s job — various tasks associated with the development planning and construction of a project. Some of these tasks include ensuring that the project scope is carried out on time and according to budget. Additionally, our CCS Project Services reps help with bidding processes, project risk mitigation, relocations, and more.

Like Springtime, following a harsh winter, we are witnessing the powerful force of a developing global community that is or has overcome much uncertainty and embraced positive change and heightened levels of confidence.

As companies face this new era of project activity, project owners may lack the time and experience to perform these tasks themselves, so they hire representatives who are knowledgeable about the process to help. Representatives stay in constant contact with owners and report on project issues and progress.