About CCS

Over its 40 year history, CCS has created a culture that places its clients’ interests at the forefront of all its activities.

7 national and international offices


Expert advice since 1979

Every engagement benefits from our team-based approach that services small individual projects with the same attention to detail and focus on outcomes as our largest programmatic assignments.

Our team of experts holds professional qualifications in

Construction Management

Owner Representation

Project Management

Cost Management, Cost Engineering, Cost Estimating

Architecture / Engineering / MEP


Quantity Surveying



Our approach

  • Group, User

    qualified experts

    A staff with an average tenure of over a decade, empowered with decision-making authority.

  • Shield, Protected

    strict company policy

    CCS never offers design or construction as a core service in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

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    front-end planning

    We emphasize front-end planning to define your project scope, quality and risk expectations, cost management and master schedule.

Studies show that 80% of a project's success is attributable to our involvement at the pre-design and design phases.