Chicago Transit Authority

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Chicago, IL

Red Line Segments A, B, C and D

Analysis of Segments A, B, C and D of the CTA Red Line as part of the Dan Ryan Track Renewal Project. Work involves renewal of approximately 46,100 lineal feet of double track from 16th Street through 95th Street. Also included are traction power isolation improvements to the center/pocket tracks between 58th Street and 62nd Street as well as management and coordination of field survey services between the subway portal near 16th/Clark on the north, 98th yard on the south, and the 18th Connector Structure. Track renewal will generally include replacement of deteriorated track components with new continuous welded rail (CWR), ties, fasteners, ballast, sub-ballast, geotech fabric, subgrade and drainage improvements, as well as traction power distribution system improvements. Highly superelevated reverse curves between 63rd Street and south of Marquette Road will require special attention to means for retention of ballast shoulders. A 500 ft. section of track utilizing concrete ties is also proposed to be constructed within this segment. Ballasted deck structures over the Stevenson Expressway/I-55 will require alternative design considerations as well as the existing tunnel at 29th Street and adjoining inclines. Tracks through the 35th/33rd and Cermak station platforms are considered locations for direct fixation/slab track construction as an appropriate improvement. The Dan Ryan Track Renewal Program involves the replacement of rails, ties, ballast, and drainage improvements. The purpose of this project is to bring the Dan Ryan Branch into a State of Good Repair to minimize slow zones, improve service for CTA customers, and reduce operating costs.

Red Line Station Improvements

Station Improvements at nine stations along the Dan Ryan corridor. Stations are: 22nd Street/Cermak; 35th Street/Sox; 47th Street; 55th/Garfield; 63rd; 69th; 79th; 87th; and 95th.

Architectural improvements will include: stainless steel benches and garbage storage at bridge decks; installation of bicycle racks; painting of all elevated relay houses; new sidewalk ramps; replacement of curtain wall gaskets; and new wayfinding signage. Mechanical improvements will include: replacement of water service piping; cleaning all ejector pits and verifying connections to city sewers at all nine stations. Electrical improvements will include: removal, cleaning and re-lamp of lighting lenses and fixtures; converting all exit signs to LED; and installation of washroom lighting motion sensors and towel-less hand dryers at all nine stations.