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About The Project

Texas A&M University is a public institution that was founded in 1876 and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 55,568 (fall 2020). CCS played a key role in the development of a multi-year master plan to serve as a framework for decision-making about the 1,880-acre Commerce, TX campus for the next twenty years. Presented in five-year planning increments, the master plan strategizes the construction of new facilities, renovation of existing resources, and removal of outdated buildings. The plan incorporates four phases and 36 different initiatives throughout the campus, including existing facility conditions, projected needs, current capabilities, educational goals, and anticipated funding levels. Two priorities drove this plan: the projected growth in enrollment of 1,000 students per year; and creating an excellent quality of life on campus, supported by academic facilities and amenities, in a pedestrian environment with a well-defined sense of place. By 2032, A&M Commerce will have increased the total building area on campus by more than one million SF to serve an enrollment of approximately 25,000.