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for Owners

Advisory Services

Advisory services are provided on an à la carte basis and include all technical services related to project costs and project management.

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Owners must maintain their buildings to retain their value and usefulness. But stakeholders face challenges — from limited maintenance budgets to a dearth of accurate information on building conditions.

CCS Facility Conditions Assessments help you make informed decisions on maintenance and upgrades. We help you understand current conditions, build a multi-year capital plan, prioritize investments, and fund improvements.


Construction Project Crisis Intervention

If communication regarding a project problem or issue is breaking down and threatening project goals — or worse, litigation — CCS will provide an appropriate team of objective experts to resolve the situation quickly and fairly.


Construction Market Surveys

CCS provides in-depth market surveys encompassing such issues as:

  • Contractors and subcontractors
  • Labor availability and capability
  • Materials availability and procurement issues
  • Bidding climate
  • The overall political situation

CCS has performed surveys for both domestic and international projects.


Construction Litigation Support

CCS experts have testified and provided technical litigation support in mediation, arbitration, and courtroom settings on a variety of cost and schedule-related matters.


Staff Augmentation

CCS has provided staff augmentation support in all cost and project-management disciplines for periods ranging from three months to three years. Many had specific qualification requirements which our team was able to fulfill.


Project Fiscal Risk Assessment

CCS will provide a third-party fiscal risk assessment of your project before you make the final decision to proceed with design and construction or at any point in the process.



CCS has provided fiscal and project reporting to comply with various funding-source requirements, including:

  • Lender inspections, sources, and use of funds
  • State and Federal grants and loans
  • Investment tax credits
  • Cash flow
  • Needs analysis