The ripple effect of fiscal control and  expert scope management is an extraordinary project outcome.

The ripple effect of expert project management is extraordinary. We take on your values.


Accurate knowledge of what a project will cost, affects every decision. We take on your values.

Being Able to Count On An Objective Project Manager is Extraordinary. We take on your values.

A total focus on your goals ensures a priceless outcome.


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Recent News
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Recent News

DeKalb Public Library Celebrates release of State funds

DeKalb Public Library celebrated the release of state funds to the DeKalb Library to the tune of $3.4 M. CCS International were fortunate enough to have worked with the Library as their Owners Representative & we are delighted to celebrate with their team, as pictured below. Pictured in the photo below, from left to right, is Graham Harwood of CCS International, Susanna Mendez the Illinois State Comptroller, Bob Pritchard the Illinois State Representative and Greg McCormack the Illinois State Library Deputy Director. Looking forward to seeing this exciting project move forward to its next phase.

Program Verification
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Program Verification

Program verification, a process that uses Parametric Cost Model™* to continually predict current and future costs as the facility progresses, can help owners set a realistic and, more importantly, real-time Construction Cost Limitation (CCL), the maximum amount that will be paid for a construction project as contracted between the owner and architect. When conducted at the outset of project definition, a program verification can help ensure that the project remains within the CCL with few or no necessary adjustments to project scope.
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Featured Project

Washington Monument Visitor Screening Facility

CCS International is proud to be part of the Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planning team, responsible for enhancements to the Washington Monument, dedicated in 1885 to our first American President. At the time, the Monument was the tallest structure in the world outshining The Cologne Cathedral in Germany and later the Eiffel Tower in France. A true marvel, as it experienced and weathered some damage from a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in 2011, the Monument’s marble base is held together by gravity and friction alone, with no mortar to aid in this stability. Today’s improvements will allow visitors to line up indoors, with the addition of a new glass fronted Visitors Screening Center. Not only will this add to the Monuments security, but also in providing a better experience for visitors from across the globe.